Y bythynnod gorau a mwy

Traethau Yn ôl i'r dudalen flaenorol

Caerbwdi Beach, St Davids

Caerbwdi Beach – On the way to St Davids as the road dips suddenly into small valley there is a turning on your left. 100 yards down the road is a grassy car park. The walk is ten minutes to a beautiful rocky beach. The rocks here are red sandstone and it is from here that the rock was quarried for St Davids Cathedral. A walk on the cliffs to the right will show you dramatic geo-synclines and rock foldings across the bay. Continue on round the cliffs and you will reach the earthworks at Pen Pleidiau Point near Caerfai Bay. Seagulls nest on the Island and locals have been known to collect their eggs for eating in April and May. In calm seas a competent swimmer can swim round the island and it is excellent snorkelling with deep clefts in the rocky bottom. Sea Bass can be seen and caught by Anglers here.